Yummy! Cam


Let's show off your meals to your friends! 

"Yummy! Cam" is a photo-retouching app for iPhone. With Yummy! Cam, you can make your photo of meals more impressive by focusing exclusively on an arbitrary region (like a photo taken with SLR camera), and overlaying steam on a hot dish. 

"Yummy! Cam" also can be used as a SLR fake app.  

To quickly learn what the app can do, please visit Tutorial and Gallery.

- Color Adjustment (Brightness, Saturation, and Contrast) 
- Focus effect, Circle, Rectangle, or Touch (paint) 
- Vignetting and Haze effects 
- Combining steam (two types of steam) 
- Retouch images from library or camera 
- Image size: 320x427, 480x640, or 960x1280

More examples in Gallery.